Skin care

In a world filled with over contouring, botox, fillers, and crazy long fake lashes the question is raised, is it possible to be beautiful naturally?  Well I say YES!  And it starts with skin health and care.

Hair care

As someone who always had beautiful curly hair and always wore it naturally, it was quite a blow when my hair started thinning due to medication.  I have tried many solutions some which work better than others.  I'll share what I know with you and hopefully you'll share what you have found works as well.


I used to wear makeup religiously (see my post Makeup, A Love (Hate) Story).  Now I wear it very occasionally as a special treat.  I'm learning to love my skin as it is flaws and all.  I don't need to cover it up, unless I want to.  I will share with you tips and natural products that I love and make my skin look and feel great.