castor oil

Thank the Ancient Egyptians for this one, as they are belived to be the first to discover the amazing benefits of castor oil.  Pale yellow in color, it is made by crushing the seeds of the castor oil plant.

It contains a lot of ricinoleic acid, which is an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid.  So what, right?  Well ricinoleic acid is not found in many other substances, especially in such abundance.  Ricinoleic acid can inhibit growth in the bacteria that cause acne and it boosts immunity.

According to a report published in the International Journal of Toxicology, castor oil is known to be used in over 700 cosmetic products. Castor oil contains our good old friend ricinoleic acid along with other beneficial ingredients, such as salts and esters that help condition skin. When taken internally, the oil is hydrolyzed in the small intestine by pancreatic enzymes, leading to the release of glycerol and ricinoleic acid, along with other beneficial metabolites.  Basically its really good for you externally and internally.

Some of the benefits include: boost immunity, treat arthritis, strengthen and grow hair, Acne treatment, reduce signs of premature aging (those pesky crows feet), reduce inflammation, alleviate constipation, PMS treatment (i.e. alleviate some cramps), heal wounds, and a host more.

You can see why its one of my favs!